Parisian rotisserie chicken concept, Mon Petit Poulet, officially opened its fourth location (first in the US) in Venice, CA and is already an instant success.

The easy-eating locale with  three locations across Paris is known for their slow-roasted chicken and sides plates.

We are grateful to be a a part of the journey as the official supplier world leading rotisseries ovens.

Check out some picture below and read the full story of Mon Petit Poulet below.

MON PETIT POULET originated in France and currently has three very busy restaurants in Paris. Their vision was to bring and cook organic roasted chicken with the freshest ingredients and seasonal vegetables, just like they do in the traditional regions of France.

In 2014 the owners of MON PETIT POULET visited California and fell in love with our healthy lifestyle, the beautiful beaches and amazing weather. They saw that Californian’s also enjoyed great organic foods and vegetables and knew instantly that MON PETIT POULET could provide a new flavor with the freshest ingredients that would be in line with that lifestyle.   From there they were inspired to establish and bring their traditional French Rotisserie and menu to Southern California. This dream came true when they bought a space for their restaurant in Venice in September 2016.   After some renovation, they are proud to announce their grand opening on January, 2017.

At MON PETIT POULET, where the poultry and the produce come from are at the heart of what we offer on our menu. We guarantee total transparency on the origin of our poultry and our vegetables. They are all ORGANIC.

Every day, the teams of MON PETIT POULET take great care to serve you tasty dishes, simple and authentic.

At MON PETIT POULET, everything is homemade from scratch!