Francis Delpech & Eric Maurice (left to right) founders of 1515Design with Doregrill.


1515 Design & Manufacturing was founded by Francis Delpech and Eric Maurice. They have more than 25 years of experience in designing food concepts and importing the latest European equipment. Today 1515 Design imports and distributes Doregrill Rotisseries, the European leader in rotisserie manufacturing since 1963, a unique company of display cases. The primary focus of 1515 Design is to provide original design with state-of-the-art equipment. The company’s goal is to offer solutions between presentation, and efficiency for retailers. Concepts can be customized entirely or by building onto our standard line. We are always conscious of cost and value is the keyword when it comes to contributing and delivering a design and finished product.


Our traditional rotisseries are recognized worldwide for their unique presentation. We customize colors, finishes and sizes and adapt our rotisseries to our end-users’ needs. Versatility is the name of the game and we offer numerous spit options for various cooking. In supermarkets the rotisseries are utilized to cook from morning to night and roast perfectly large batches of chickens. In restaurants, the rotisseries are used to roast not only chickens but with multiple purpose baskets, they can also roast turkey, rack of lamb, pork leg or suckling pig, sausages, fish and vegetables among others. Versatility, incomparable taste and high volume are the norms. Our rotisseries come in gas or electric with individual motors and burners. From a small countertop rotisserie unit to a 56- chicken-capacity gas floor model, we cover all types of productions.

For our displays, the line is wide and versatile, perfect to furnish every kind of space and meet various needs; from bar concepts to deli, bakery and catering stations, the range of display cases is limitless and includes numerous professional and ventilated refrigerated systems. Technical efficiency and design are always at the center of our latest lines.


Custom-made, top of the line European manufactured rotisseries in electric and gas for any occasion and the only rotisserie manufacturer in the world with a full porcelain enamel finish in any color you want.
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Frigomeccanica has been in business for over 40 years and specializes in Italian-crafted displays for Ice Cream/Gelato Parlors, Bakeries, Delis, Pastry Shops, and Supermarkets as well as Bar Furniture and Coffee Carts.
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