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Rotisseries, Concepts and Displays
The only rotisserie manufacturer in the world with a full porcelain enamel finish in any color you want.


At 1515 Design and Manufacturing we provide a wide range of rotisseries made in America and imported from Europe. We have been very successful assisting our clients throughout the country by selecting the right equipment that fulfills all expectations.


The combination of materials (vitrified enamel, brass and stainless steel), the attention we pay to the design, the variety of colours, the careful finish, the motors and components that are selected for their performance, the selection of capacities and energy sources, and the customization of the equipment to meet our customers’ needs all contribute to the excellence of our doregrill USA products.


Our displays, which are designed in our own design office and are manufactured in our own workshops, are the fruit of our close collaboration with our loyal customers, who tell us what they want, and for whom we have created a range of suitable equipment.