Magflam 58/5


The quality of this rotisserie oven rests in the quality of the materials and its hand-crafted construction, giving it a high-quality finish.  Full stainless steel and enamel construction and refracting blocks and panels highlight the warm, authentic look of old-time cooking.

Manufacturer: Doregrill

Brochure and Technical Specs

Cooking using «Radiating Cast Iron» (patent filed by DOREGRILL). High yield «Live Flame» projectors make it look like cooking over an open fire. Capacity 30 to 35 chickens per hour.

A high-quality finish and combination of high-class materials (enamel and stainless steel) , refracting side blocks, front panel with backlit «Rôtisserie» inscription, two water-proof glass-ceramic lights and silver-plated tap handles with the DOREGRILL logo.
Heat protection with 2 toughened glass windows, emergency «big red» emergency stop button, glass door handles insulated from the heat by carbon washers, hinges fitted with an «open window» locking system.
The interior can be fully dismantled, and the inside corners are rounded.
Fitted with 3 depth-adjustable Simplifil® spits mounted on a removable stainless steel wire support. Burner heads are delivered with the model for cleaning and unused burner protection. Direct and guided spit insertion on high-powered independent motors with adjustable depth settings. Spring-mounted motor concealment panels (to stop fat from entering the housing). Lower fat tray with drainage faucet. A mobile unit with pivoting, brake-mounted casters.
Propane or natural gas. Low gas consumption thanks to the new regulation system and new, higher performance heaters.