We have initiated this service in order to help our customers to maintain their rotisseries. We know cleaning equipment is both labor and time consuming. In our program, our technicians visit each store at a regular bases (semi-Annually) and they perform a thorough check up of the rotisserie. All parts are checked, defective parts are replaced upon approval and technicians perform a
complete cleaning. This program helps to keep the equipment in good condition and to prevent mechanical failure.
Our technicians work at night, so they don’t hinder the deli staff and vice versa.

Job Description

  • All the motors and their rails will be taken apart to be cleaned (including the stainless steel plates, shafts).
  • The spit holders and their rails will be removed to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • The bricks and cast irons will be removed to be brushed and cleaned.
  • The roof (if any) will be removed and cleaned.
  • Once all these parts will have been taken apart, all the areas (inside the panels, back to the oven, areas behind the bricks, cast irons and burners, outside frame) will be cleaned.
  • The switches, fans and all electrical components and connections will be checked.
  • The flames (burners) and gas mixture will be checked and adjusted appropriately.
  • The injectors will be deeply cleaned of any clutters.
  • The pilots and gas valves will be checked.
  • The lamp protections will be checked and cleaned.
  • The glass doors will be removed as well as the hinges to be cleaned with special stains and grease remover.
  • All the rails (motors and spit holders) will be greased.
  • All the attachments (screws, washers, bolts… will be checked).
  • All defective parts will be replaced (upon your authorization – Additional charge will apply).

Services include labor + rate for trip and mileage.
(Valid if most of the stores are participating to that program).
To keep such a competitive rate, our technicians work by area within a same period of time.


Moreover, participating in our Maintenance Program entitles you to a 20% discount on parts.

before maintenance
Before Maintenance
After Maintenance

“The Doregrill is excellent. Clean up is a breeze, it’s all enamel plated and parts can easily be removed. Machines last for a long time, it fits the chickens perfectly and has been satisfying our customers for years.” Mike Byers at Whole Foods Folsom

Wow! Just wanted to pass along what a great job Wilmar did for us here at Whole Food Market, Brookside in KC. Not only does our rotisserie oven look brand-spanking new, I’m sure it’s even going to operate better! He took extra time to give me some pointers and suggestions for our future cleaning endeavors and I so appreciate it. What a pleasure to work with! Outstanding employee! I’ll take him!
Best, Liz
Elizabeth Thurston at Whole Foods Kansas City